3 comments on “Gettin’ Mighty Tired of Your Shit, Body.

  1. Sounds awful, man. I know this kind of pain. I’ve got two fused discs in my spine to show for it. Be glad pain meds are knocking it in half at least. I was taking massive amounts of percocet with little effect before I got the surgery. I would not overlook it as an option if it’s suggested post-MRI. I went from massive pain to basically pain free even with the halo around my neck.

    • Pain free sounds good. I’m a big fan of pain free, in fact. Tired of the holding pattern at the moment, but progress is being made, and we shall see what comes of it!
      Glad you feel better, by the way. I wouldn’t wish this level of ouch on my third-worst enemy.

  2. I believe I have found some of your old spiral notebooks of short stories from high school in a storage unit. Please contact me soon if you would like to have your family belongings. I have spent a lot of time trying to find the family that they belong to.

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