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So if you have been here before, you can see that the site has changed. I upgraded from the basic format it was in to a (slightly) more advanced one. This one will allow for ease of updates and a more responsive blog. I am still in the process of figuring it out, which is an adventure in itself for me.

Technology and I have never been the best of friends. I can break down and rebuild your Kalashnikov, and I’m a fair hand at turning the screws on a rack or oiling the hinges of that old iron maiden in the corner, but computers? Whoa, there. Not my gig. Too easy to push the wrong button or click “yes” instead of “no” and turn a carefully crafted piece of work into something that resembles a drawing I did with my left hand.

Creating the first site was a comedy of errors, and while I have had a few small trials with this one, for a refresh it’s going fairly well. Hopefully it will allow me to use it with ease and not send me computerese messages that translate to, “Dude. Seriously? What were you even trying to do there? ‘Cause, ummm, it really really didn’t work.”

We shall see how this functions, and how soon it drives me to drink (a short trip, I assure you). Hope to see you all back frequently for further updates.