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I have a new short story in the latest issue of Protodimension Magazine.

Devoted to gaming aids for horror and dark science fiction roleplaying games, Protodimension has been a favorite for some time now. They publish scenarios, item descriptions, new monsters, settings, and fiction for games, just as a start. Y’all know I like to throw a story out from time to time, right? Well, now so do they! Anthill Morning: the Shooter is in the newest issue, available for free download at their site,, and I’m thrilled to be in there!

One of the games they support is a wonderful piece of work from years back that has seen a couple of resurgences, called Dark Conspiracy. I started playing DC a few months after Game Designers Workshop released it back in 1991. It was a great premise, with an incredible amount of work poured into the system and the background. Through the years I’ve traded or sold a few RPG’s here and there, but my DC books stayed on the shelf (and they’re still there!). Many a character in one story or another of mine was rendered as a playable character for the system, giving me a concrete idea of their capabilities that I could wrap details around. If you’ve read some of the short fiction pieces on this site, you may have met some of those characters.  Thank You Very Much is based on the hunt for a telepathic monster and involves one of my sweep teams, including Abraham Tallcloud, a frequent “playtester” of mine for scenes in my stories. He can also be found in An Evening with Abe, a short story fragment about the aftermath of a demonic invasion.

The fine folks over at Protodimension Magazine — Tad Kelson, Lee Williams, and Norm Fenlason — are great guys and avid gamers. They have a game publishing company of their own, 3Hombres Games, and are publishing the new version of this great game, with Book 1 titled Conspiracy Rules. You can browse all their content on DriveThruRPG HERE.



Anthill Morning is still in further development, and The Shooter is merely the first chapter of the story. Hopefully I’ll have plenty more to offer in future issues of Protodimension. I’m looking forward to it.

In preparation for the February 29 release of the superhero anthology We Were Heroes, publisher Martin Ingham asked me a few questions. Naturally, I answered them, because not doing so would just be weird. Step by step, the author interviews will reveal the true me, and forensic detectives everywhere will wet themselves in horror! MwaHaHaHa! (See? There’s the patented evil laugh!)

Check me out over HERE!

Years ago, I wrote a story for Gordie Laughlin’s super-fic page Heroic Monkey called “Bait”. The story of the aftermath of an alien invasion and the resistance to it by a group of determined Supers, it was a contest entry that surprised me by winning.

The fine folks over at have reprinted “Bait”, and I’ll happily share it with you all once again for the first time since 2008. Click the dinosaur and enjoy!




It’s been a week since I unleashed Jericho Sims on the world. Golem has remained in the top 30 on Amazon’s Western Science Fiction selection, and in fact held the #1 slot for a while. Proud author is proud.

So plans are now underway for more short stories in Jericho’s life, with additional work on the novel itself in hopes that it will be released soon.

The first Jericho Sims story is now available.

Back in November of ’14, I participated in the annual NaNoWriMo event, and dropped 60000 words on a Jericho Sims novel. I will be adding to it this November to make a true novel from the bones I have established.

“Golem”, however, is the first in a series of short stories. It chronicles the events following Jericho being shot with an arrow and stumbling across the home of a mad scientist who has created a new mechanical soldier.

The Jericho Sims stories will tie together various genres of writing, a little bit at a time: Western, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, and more than a few others. I hope that readers will be pleasantly surprised by the events they uncover as they follow this gunslinger on his quest to locate the demonic surgeon who murdered his fellow soldiers.

Golem cover1a



Snagged a new acceptance letter on a short I submitted a while back. Funeral is the story of what happens when heroes lay their own to rest, and the thoughts of one of the best at burying the only man he ever considered to be a better person than him. Links to come when it is published.